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About Streets & Lanes Festival



As the name suggests, Streets & Lanes Festival is about filling the streets and public spaces of Toowoomba’s CBD with music, art, drama, food and any other creative means to express a “Celebration of Life”.

Rather than a large fenced and ticketed festival run primarily by a single organization, Streets & Lanes Festival is a more devolved model with many churches, business and organizations running their own events under the festival banner.

Ideas could include but are not limited to performance stages in laneways, music in local cafes, street theatre, buskers, markets or art exhibitions

Churches that have already expressed their interest in being involved are supportive of the idea that Streets & Lanes Festival should be a gift to the city from churches of Toowoomba. Events would generally be free for the community although there is scope for some stand-alone events to be ticketed (e.g. Empire Theatre concerts).

Getting Involved

The success of the Streets & Lanes Festival will rely completely on the extent to which churches, businesses and other organizations get involved. We would love to hear from you as soon as possible if you would like to explore an idea.

Below are some basic guidelines for events to be considered as part of Streets & Lanes Festival 2019…

  • Events should be supported by at least one legally registered organization.
  • Costs for events must be fully funded by the supporting organizations.
  • Consideration will be given to proposals for ticketed events but the goal is for the majority of events to be provided for free to the community.
  • Events should either reflect or at least be consistent with the values & message associated with the traditional Christian Easter story and the theme ‘Celebration of Life’.
  • The final decision on inclusion in the Streets & Lanes Festival 2019 program for all events will be at the discretion of the festival working group.

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